Discover Kurdistan's business potential

We help companies and corporations successfully enter the Kurdish market

We have been operating in the Kurdish market for 5 years

For over 6 years we have had the pleasure of assisting Polish and European companies in the expansion of the Kurdish region. We take care of everything necessary for your business to operate and generate profit without any obstacles.

We will guide you through the entire process

Market analysis

We will investigate the existence of the product, we will make price analysis, find customers.

Verification and negotiation

We will effectively verify your contractors, take care of contract negotiations.


We will establish the import requirements and organise the transportation of the products.

The safest and most stable region in Iraq

Kurdistan is liberal, safe and open to visitors. Irbil, the capital of Kurdistan, is a business center and the fastest growing city in all of Iraq. Kurdistan has the lowest poverty rate in Iraq and a relatively low crime rate.

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We know the Kurdish market inside out

Many years of experience have helped us to develop unique and effective procedures for entering this region rich in opportunities.


years of experience


Polish-Kurdish business projects

Great possibilities

Kurdistan's economy is based on oil revenues, the petrochemical industry, agriculture and tourism. Minerals such as iron, chromium, nickel, platinum, gold, copper, barite and zinc are also mined here. There is also great potential for the renewable energy sector.

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Secure investment

The Kurdish Regional Government supports foreign investment in the region: by implementing special projects, introducing investment-friendly laws and creating free trade zones.

Offer for the UE:

  • Market analysis (product incidence, price analysis, customer search)
  • Counterparty verification
  • Negotiation of contractual content
  • Organization of transport of goods
  • Determination of import requirements for the commodity (labels, certificates)
  • Trial product launch on the market
  • Support in the preparation and implementation of the marketing strategy adapted to local conditions
  • Trips to the Kurdistan Region (fairs, meetings with contractors)

Offer for Kurdistan and Iraq:

  • Searching for manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Counterparty verification (e.g. visit to production plant, verification of the validity of certificates, commissioning of specialist tests products)
  • Loading control
  • Import of products samples
  • Organization of transport of goods
  • Negotiation of contractual content

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